Sunday, June 16, 2019
With an already strong reputation for wine in upstate New York, a band of independent-minded cheesemakers are raising the bar for Finger Lakes cheese.   Vintners have unearthed the cool-climate secrets of the Finger Lakes, where 140 wineries are producing Cabernet...
Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin turkey chili. Does it sound crazy? Maybe a little, but I assure you it's anything but. This deceptively healthy and full of flavor recipe is sure to be a favorite to anyone you serve it to. (from "") #Food #Recipe #pumpkin #chili #turkey Read more at YummyEveryday | Daily Paper
A Mouthful of Comfort: Cheddar Apple Pumpkin Soup With Sage Popovers "Nothing feels more Thanksgiving-inspired to me than this soup. Not only are the flavors spot on Autumn, but the soup can be prepared in advance, saving precious time on Turkey Day. I like to serve this soup drizzled with cream for an extra hit of decadence . . . it's Thanksgiving; go all out! The best way to complete this soup is with a side of my favorite buttery sage popovers. They are always sure to please!" - #Food #Recipe #Thanksgiving #Pumkin #Soup #Cheddar Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
“This is my office until 2 a.m.,” greets Burt Bakman, the man behind Trudy’s Underground Barbecue, then he returns with urgency to his smoker where 14 bulky slabs of beef brisket along with a couple of rib racks have...
Recipe: STICKY SPARE RIBS AND NOODLES | SORTED food These gorgeous sticky spare ribs are slow cooked in an easy, chinese inspired black bean sauce. The pineapple juice and spices come through as you take a bite of tender, succulent pork. #Food #SpareRib #Noodle #BlackBean #Recipe Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
If you know that Nutella is on the dessert menu, there’s nothing more horrible than rushing through a meal and praying that your final course gets there sooner. Because let’s be honest: What’s more exciting than spreadable hazelnut and...
Ingredients in The Eggnog Cocktail

The Eggnog Cocktail

Eggnog has a varied and rich history with a lot of competing claims of the origin of the drink that can get lost in an etymological debate. However, there are a few things to note. First, Eggnog is primarily imbibed in Canada and the USA during the holiday season. (from #Eggnog #Rum #Bourbon # Egg #Christmas Read more at YummyEveryday | Daily Paper
Native Americans were the first to tap maple trees and collect its sap for syrup production. Traditionally, they would place the sap in a pot over fire, adding hot stones to it until the water had evaporated completely to...
The top reason I wanted to visit Crete, the biggest island of Greece, was to experience the food. Cretan food is known for its incredible Mediterranean based food diet. Even though it’s an island surrounded by the sea, Crete...

2018’s Food Trends

According to Whole Foods, all of the trendy green foods you've grown to love in the last year will be dethroned in 2018. Earlier this month, the grocery chain released its predictions for the top 10 food and drink trends of next year—and with avocados nowhere on the list, millennials might finally be able to start buying houses. | Bon Appetit #Food #Trends #2018 #floral flavors Read more at YummyEveryday | Daily Paper

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