Tuesday, March 19, 2019

2018’s Food Trends

According to Whole Foods, all of the trendy green foods you've grown to love in the last year will be dethroned in 2018. Earlier this month, the grocery chain released its predictions for the top 10 food and drink trends of next year—and with avocados nowhere on the list, millennials might finally be able to start buying houses. | Bon Appetit #Food #Trends #2018 #floral flavors Read more at YummyEveryday | Daily Paper
We are entering an era in which machines are replacing humans in the workplace. It may be a while before baristas are completely robotic, but a new coffee technology is beginning to unburden them of one of their duties. (from www.lamag.com)
I’ve been in a bit of a haze the past few months, just writing and cooking and shooting pretty much nonstop. The cookbook writing process is an exciting but intense one—it kind of consumes your whole life while you’re...
If you know that Nutella is on the dessert menu, there’s nothing more horrible than rushing through a meal and praying that your final course gets there sooner. Because let’s be honest: What’s more exciting than spreadable hazelnut and...
25 Best Foods For Your Skin | Prevention How to get a radiant glow, banish wrinkles, and keep skin supple and soft—one bite at a time? #Food #Health #Skin
Recipe: STICKY SPARE RIBS AND NOODLES | SORTED food These gorgeous sticky spare ribs are slow cooked in an easy, chinese inspired black bean sauce. The pineapple juice and spices come through as you take a bite of tender, succulent pork. #Food #SpareRib #Noodle #BlackBean #Recipe Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

6 Types of Bananas

6 Types of Bananas You Need to Know About If you're lucky enough to live in a banana-growing climate, your farmers market or local store may well sell a variety of bananas. To those of you in less tropical climes, such variety seems like sheer madness—and something to look for when you visit. #Food #Banana Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Pumpkin Keg Bourbon-Apple Punch If pumpkin season is your favorite season, you'll love this super-fun party drink. Boozy apple cider-bourbon punch, served right from a pumpkin (!) is the exact refreshment you'll want at any fall celebration. ... #Drink #Pumpkin #Bourbon #ApplePunch #Video Watch video at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
College Students Build Solar-Powered Home That Can Grow Food Indoors - The home, which took 18 months to design, features a “living wall” that grows leafy green vegetables in nutrient-rich water, a roof of solar panels that capture sunlight for energy used to power the home, an enclosed greenhouse that uses a system to distribute warm air throughout the home in fall and winter, ... #Food #Eco #house (Read more at:) Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper http://bit.ly/2xUjoIA

Taco Cones

This Tortilla Hack Makes Tacos WAY More Exciting | Delish "In a way, these are sort of a hybrid between tacos, burritos, and ice cream cones... They've got all the fillings you want in a taco: ground beef, Mexican cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream." #Food #Recipe #Taco Watch video at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

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