Sunday, June 16, 2019
Professional boozehound, chef and author Benny Roff wasn’t always a vodka fan. It could be said that he took the long road in his appreciation of both vodka and Polish cuisine. (From

Cranberry Chai Sangria

“It’s embarrassingly obvious that chai has been the flavor that I’ve lost my mind over this season. In fact, for the last year. That’s neither here nor there since I constantly talk about it, but oh man was I ever so determined to put it in a boozy sangria and MAKE IT HAPPEN...” #Drink #Cockdtail #Sangria #Thanksgiving Read at Yummyeveryday | Daily Paper
Original Drink: The Elder-Upper | Tempered Spirits If you didn’t know already, St. Germain, the makers of the impeccable elderflower liqueur, are holding a cocktail contest, their 5th Annual Can-Can Classic. The challenge? Create an original drink using at least one ounce of St. Germain that exhibits Originality and Taste, to be judged by Representatives of St. Germain…and Martha Stewart’s editorial staff (Hey, they’re co-sponsors this year, no avoiding it). Grand Prize? A trip to Paris or $10,000. Runners up get St. Germain bicycles, perfect for gathering your very own elderflower blossoms in the Swiss Alps. #Drink #Bourbon Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

Halloween Cocktails

Halloween Cocktails – the Spookiest Sips in the City | The Cocktail Lovers To paraphrase that famous Mean Girls quote: “In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Cocktail World, Halloween is the one time a year when a bartender can come up with creepy, macabre and OTT drinks and no other bartenders can say anything about it.” #Drink #Cocktail #Holloween Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Dark Matter Storm Cocktail | BartenderHQ The Dark Matter Storm is a twist of the classic Dark’n’Stormy using the unique flavour of Dark Matter rum. Dark Matter is a dark spiced rum produced in Scotland with a completely different flavour profile to most. #Drink #Cocktail #Rum Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper


TEQUILA CAZADORES TEAMS UP WITH MISTER CARTOON | Intoxicolog Limited edition bottle collecting is pretty popular these days. And just in time for the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos, Cazadores tequila is releasing a limited edition bottle in collaboration with legendary Mexican American artist Mister Cartoon. #Drink #Tequila Read more at Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper
Make no mistake: Fall is synonymous with all-things pumpkin. Now that we’ve entered September and Starbucks has released its seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte, people are searching their closets for flannels and beanies in an effort to make themselves cozy. #Drink #Cocktail #Pumpkin Yummy Everyday | Daily Paper

Fall Back

Ok, ok… yup I’m still alive. Sorry it’s been crickets around here for so long. My day job has been beating me up pretty bad and lately when I get some time off, I just wanna go out and...
This post was made in partnership with Everclear. Recipe and ideas are my own. For years, whenever I ate out at an Indian Restaurant, I somehow overlooked the self serve bowl of seedy bits by the cash registers. Maybe I...
Every fall, an endless parade of cookbooks is released, and that includes a good number of cocktail books: books from shadowy, plush speakeasies across the country, focusing on the storied pasts of the world’s greatest spirits, full of elaborate...

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