As well as getting tonnes of recommendations via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the blog we’ve also been getting suggestions from pretty much every person we’ve met along the way. When it comes to food everyone has an opinion. 

This place was one of the more interesting suggestions! It came from Cynthia, who we met way back in L.A. when we were cooking with her and some other food bloggers. She told us that we had to do the short drive out of New Orleans to visit Restaurant Des Families and try their Alligator. 

We met Brook and she took us right to the back window, which happens to look directly out at the national park swampland. And usually… There are a couple of alligators just lounging there too. Unfortunately the weather had them running back to the swamp when we were there but we could still enjoy the food :) 


Brook took us through some of their signature dishes. They buy all their fish direct from suppliers and everything is very local. Only a certain number are allowed to hunt Alligators and they deal closely with those suppliers too. She also mentioned that alligator doesn’t taste very good! What they do is grind up the meat and stuff into mushrooms, which gives really good contrasting textures. Then they also put it into a piquant sauce to go with it. It’s one of those dishes that needs to have a bit of everything in every bite to work. 

Here’s everything that we we’re guided through: 

  • Oysters rockefeller
  • Alligator stuffed mushrooms wih picante alligator sauce. 
  • Gumbo
  • Turtle soup
  • Deep fried prawns
  • Crawfish étouffée 
  • Soft shell crab with crawfish


What a meal! The oysters Rockefeller were a real stand out, and the turtle soup was something very new to us. It is actually made with real turtle. The soup was tomatoey and slightly spiced and the turtle added a great texture, but we’re still not 100% sure exactly what turtle tastes like! 

Would you guys ever eat alligator or turtle? What’s the most unusual thing you’ve tried? 

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