Today: Our Test Kitchen Manager Erin McDowell shares her brilliant trick to keep flavors just as they’re intended while cooking. 

Color-Coded Spatulas

I’m big on organization in my kitchen, but the trick I’m asked about most often is also one of the simplest. On my countertop, I have a utensil holder full of wooden spoons and red spatulas. I also have a drawer full of utensils that contains offset spatulas, bench scrapers, and blue spatulas. Why the two colors? I color code commonly used kitchen tools to differentiate between sweet and savory.

I’ve seen a million ways to do this: wrap each utensil in a piece of tape (white tape for sweet, blue for savory), make a mark on it in some way, etc. But with Silicone spatulas (my most-used kitchen tool, bar none) that are available in so many colors, why work harder to see the difference? I just purchase different colors for different tasks, and that way I never end up with garlicky whipped cream or vanilla-scented Bolognese.  

What are your best tricks for staying organized in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

from Food52