One less reason to leave the house.

As the fast casual Neapolitan pizza market continues to get more and more crowded, even the bigger franchise names are looking to diversify. Case in point: PizzaRev, one of the earlier DIY quick service options in Southern California, is partnering up with Postmates to handle neighborhood deliveries.

it’s a smart move for the brand, considering the wide array of direct competition they face from others like 800 Degrees, MidiCi, Blaze Pizza and Pieology. And of course the trend of lazy-consumer-loves-getting-stuff-delivered-to-their-home isn’t going away any time soon (even food trucks are getting in on the game) so it’s a partnership that makes perfect sense.

Best of all, the standard PizzaRev deal remains in place: $8.25 for a single 11″ cheese pizza with unlimited toppings. Outside of the 800 Degrees $5 daily deal, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper worthwhile alternative.

Beginning Thursday, June 4, Postmates will start delivering pies to Studio City, Van Nuys, Burbank, Koreatown, El Segundo, Santa Ana, and Midtown (not sure the boundaries on that last one). So if you live or work in the area and are looking for a quality sub-$10 pizza (that’s before tip), this could be a great new option.

from Eater LA – All