We don’t need to hear ice cream truck jingles and the satisfying pop of a top off an ice-cold beer to remind us it’s summer. That’s what the sizzle and smoke of the grill is for—because it’s not really summer till we’re grilling our faces off every chance we get. Which is why our special edition Grilling Issue, available now for $12.99, is just the thing we (and you!) need.

Need a marinade or rub? We’ve got you. Want to know how to throw a flatbread on the grill to feed a hungry horde lickety-split? It’s all in there. As for next-level lobster paella and which cocktail you should hold in hand while the rice is crisping? Consider this our gift to you.

Steak on the grill. Photo: Peden + Munk

The bottom line is: We’re throwing down 128 pages of bonafide barbecue magic, to take you from this very moment onward and upward. And the more than 100 recipes are just the beginning. This comprehensive guide features all the gear advice, grilling techniques, and helpful tips that the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen has to offer. Heck, we’ve even outfitted this edition with an extra-thick, super-durable cover just in case you drip any barbecue sauce or ketchup on it while you’re getting your hands dirty.

Let this be the bun to your burger, the slaw to your pulled pork, the relish to your hot dog, and the waffle cone to your ice cream. Never grill without it again. We do call it the Ultimate Backyard Manual, after all.

Right this way to grab your copy and get to grilling.

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