Our second stop on our beignet tour of New Orleans was to Morning Call, located out in Park City.

Revered as one of the oldest beignet sellers in New Orleans, Morning Call has been going for over 140 years… and once you eat there you can see why!! This place quite a way out of the city centre up near City Hall, but still there were plenty of people around. When we went back this morning it was completely packed out! That’s when you can tell you’re onto something.


We met one of the owners, Bob, and he appeared to have beignets (or maybe just the powdered sugar) running through his veins! After chatting to him for only a few minutes you could tell that his passion for beignets was incredible. He sees it as an art form. Remember this place just does beignets and coffee, but sometimes it’s the simple things just perfected over and over again that ends up with that extra 1% taking it from good to bloody amazing. That’s what has happened over 140 years here.

Part of that passion comes through in the way they make the dough. They use a sourdough at Morning Call, which creates a very different beignet to what we had previously experienced. The flavour has that distinctive tang that comes with sourdough and it just adds so much to the experience. It becomes more than just a fried dough and sugar! They also let the customer choose how much powdered sugar to put on top… Although most people seemed to completely cover them when we were there!

We were lucky enough to have Bob take us into the kitchens and see how they were made…

  • Ben took the dough from the bowl and made it into a ‘pie’ on the table
  • Barry rolled the dough out to 1/8 inch and then cut off the edges (to use as a starter for the next sourdough) before cutting the main part into squares
  • I then picked up the squares (in a very elaborate way) and threw them into the hot cottonseed oil.


Since it looks like even we can have a go at making these Bob gave us a couple of tips when it comes to making them yourself:

1. Let the beignets float to the top when cooking, and only turn them once – don’t hold them under the oil as they get far too greasy.

2. Have fun!! They’re the perfect way to get kids involved in making the dough, just take care around the oil!

3. Keep your oil clean and fresh.

Oh and remember: Serve with fresh coffee and never EVER let them get cold… Eat them as fresh as possible and they’ll be fantastic!!


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