A reminder, to myself as much as anyone: Calling something “a trend” doesn’t make it one. (“Everyone—and I mean everyone—knows that two instances a sweeping trend makes,” our Senior Staff Writer Sarah Jampel aptly quipped on this matter in her recent ode to the Broccoli Sandwich, which may or may not be trending but is very good to eat.)

Similarly, it’d be ridiculous for me to state without caveat that dark green walls are trending (or about to be); dark green walls are not newly conceived of, nor have I tallied up the wall color of all homes everywhere to reach this conclusion. But I have seen a handful of dark green walls recently, and I love them. I hope they are trending—I’d like to see more of them. Here is why:

Paint Your Room Green: This Is Why You Won't Regret It
Paint Your Room Green: This Is Why You Won’t Regret It
by Amanda Sims

1. Dark green is amply moody. I’m in the darker-rooms-are-cozier camp.

2. And yet soothing. Green is the color of plants, and means “stability” or “harmony” when it appears on your mood ring (depending on what mood ring science you believe in. You believe in mood ring science, right?).

3. All wood tones work with it. Thanks to that whole how-plants-work thing, blonde woods and walnuts alike are happy ensconced in a dark green space.

4. And it’s a pacifying backdrop for metallic accents. Whether you prefer gold, copper, brass, or nickel hardware, they will feel less bling-y, more glimmery, against dark, woodsy green.

5. It’s expensive-looking. Paint your walls dark green and see if you don’t feel like you’re walking into a jewel box.

6. And it can skew very naturally blue or grey. An inky blue-green is a full-on, deep ocean immersion, which is magical, whereas dusty iterations of dark green (just another way of saying a color is tinted with grey) are pleasing for their antique-y feel. You’ve got options.

7. Would you rather live in the woods? Or in the jungle, the forest, or on a mountain top? Ahoy, you are one step closer in a dark green room.

8. Flowers like dark green:

Dark green or light green or somewhere in between? Tell us in the comments.

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