Living with Joy and Gratitude | Grandbaby CakesI have been living in such joy and gratitude lately.  These exceptional vibrations are taking over my life at warping speed.  This isn’t necessarily a change for me.  I am used to being a pretty happy person but my happiness has increased 10 fold this year.  What have I changed?  My perspective.

I recently started practicing something I like to call my gratitude ramblings.  I spout out several things that I am grateful for that are right around me wherever I am at the time.  Last night, I took a nice bath.  In fact, I pretty much do this every single evening so this is nothing new.  However while I was in the bath, I had a quick spitfire of gratitude.  I was so thankful for the hot water that many may not have access to, the bubbles which for some might be a luxury, the myriad of soaps and scrubs, the peace of mind, the moment of relaxation I was able to experience, the beautiful big tub I was able to soak in, the bathroom with plumbing in the home I was able to purchase and on and on and on.

Each time I do this, any fears, doubts, anger, or negative feelings instantly melt away and a big smile surfaces in its place.  I can’t even remotely fix myself to think about what I don’t have or what I want because I am so happy with all of the incredible things that I do have.  And each day I reach for new things to recognize and pay attention to.

We all probably feel gratitude for the general things like friends and family but what about the super small things that we don’t pay attention to or walk right past on a regular basis?  They are just as important to our world and joy.  I plan to celebrate those small things as much as possible.

Try this little exercise tonight.  Take a walk and just explore every big and small thing around you and express gratitude.  Do this for 10 minutes straight.

Just from doing this everyday, my energy, vibrancy and very being has changed.

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Joy and Gratitude