One of the best things about travelling is meeting you guys. We can’t possibly make it everywhere, but wherever we do go we’re trying really hard to see as many people as we can who share our passion for food! Part of that is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while: finding what people really cook wherever we are.

How do we do that? Well we’ve been lucky enough to have been invited into people’s homes to try their both their home-cooking and their thoughts on traditional local foods. It’s exactly what we want to be doing. Chatting with the locals about the food that they love! While we haven’t been able to take up everyone on their kind offers we have now had a couple of awesome visits.


Yesterday we were invited by Jordan to her home in New Orleans. She got in touch on Twitter with an offer we just couldn’t refuse – a food and jazz night in the city, followed by a proper Crawfish Boil at her home with her awesome family.

The house is fantastic, but the real thing that struck us all was the welcome we got. We walked in and had cocktails in our hands, we were getting the tour and making ourselves at home, chatting with the whole family. Then people started turning up, it became a bit of a party and everyone was equally friendly. We love this city and the people in it!


They had also arranged some brilliant food, cooked up by some local experts just for us. Wow… First up were some tacos, burritos and quesadillas filled with tiny shrimp, alligator or their speciality: blackened fish. All their ingredients were locally sourced, they know exactly what’s going into their food and they’re mates with all their suppliers. They said it allows them to control flavours of what they’re creating, and you could tell. It tasted great!

Next… Crawfish boil. This is something we’ve never experienced before and it’s pretty special. It was so good. Chris (AKA Shaggy) is the Crawfish King and his company boils all over the U.S. He cooks up oranges, onions, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, cayenne, garlic and cloves (and a few other bits) to create one of the most flavoursome broths I’ve tasted. Then he adds crawfish and shrimp, cooks for 5 minutes then cools everything down a bit. Then he leaves it all to infuse. The result is something just amazing. It’s all about good, simple ingredients and time. It was unique and there was PLENTY of it!


Above the food, above the drink, above the surrounding scenery, the biggest thing we took out of the whole day was spending time with a beautiful family who were passionate about the local area and what it’s famous for. In our minds, Jordan and her family perfectly encapsulate New Orleans.

I think we all agreed this was one of the best #LostandHungry days we’ve had so far. Being welcomed into someone’s home and sharing food and drink is something incredibly special.

We can’t wait to do it again… We’re just waiting for an invite or two… Hint hint…!!!



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