Ever tried alligator sausage? Maybe Etoufee fires? No? You NEED to read on, then come to New Orleans!

After an incredible evening of jazz with Jordan and her family, we headed upstairs to a balcony spot at Dat Dog.

We’d already had a few tweet suggestions to try out this place, so when Jordan wanted to go too we knew we were in for a treat. It was just what we wanted after a couple of beers… gourmet hotdogs with sides of fries.

Personally, I completely gave up any choice in the matter and went with what I was told… an alligator hot dog with sauerkraut, cheddar cheese, mustard and ketchup. Other options around the table included the Chicago, the Crawfish Hotdog and some people stuck with the Classic German Pork Bratwurst.

My option was great. I’m not going to pretend that I now really know what alligator tastes like because by the time it’s in the sausage with all those toppings you kind of lose track. However, all together it was awesome. A dog with a good snap, the meat was juicy, the sauerkraut was crunchy, the bun was soft and sweet… a winner all round. Hopefully, we’ll get to try more alligator later in the week.

The crawfish dog is also pretty unique to New Orleans, you wouldn’t find fish from the swamp on any standard Chicago hotdog menu that’s for sure. The other thing they did with the crawfish was use it to transform a bowl of fries. They call them Etoufee fries… essentially a sauce poured over the fries and then scattered with cheese. The sauce is super tasty… a tomato and onion sauce, thickened with a light roux, made with crawfish and seasoned with creole spice. It turns the side into a dish all on it’s own. This is definitely one I’ll be recreating!

We even got to chat with the manager, Henry, who you could tell loved the vibe of the place. He told us that he had always worked in high-end fine dining in the city, but moving to Dat Dog was the wake up call he needed. Great food, served by fun people, in a casual manner, overlooking the incredible buzz and atmosphere of Frenchman Street below! I can see why this place was voted the number one hotdog in the state of Louisiana.

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