Yes, you read that right. The second place we visited with Sheinelle seats 2000 people. It’s a seriously popular (and super slick) joint out in the middle of nowhere. That doesn’t stop people making the trip. We spoke to Scott, the owner, about all thing Salt Lick and Barbecue and he started by telling us that the place used to be much smaller. Every time the wait for customer to get in got longer than an hour, they would expand to fit the extra demand. Now it’s a sprawling restaurant and vineyard selling all sort of meats that come straight off the huge woodburning grill that you walk past on the way in.


While they serve a bunch of meats, we were here for one thing, because you told us that we had to! It was all about brisket. After getting stuck into a few plates we went over to the grill to meet Scott. His family have owned the land where Salt Lick sits for generations. Their barbecue sauce recipe has been handed down and adapted from the 1800s and he still says that they cook just like his relatives have for all that time. Aside, of course, from the huge volume! They go through 1 million lbs of brisket alone every year. That is crazy!


So how do they cook it? Well… they sear it over a really high heat, then cook it really really slow. Just before serving they take it back onto the high heat and mop over (literally, it’s a huge bucket and a mop) sauce to get some major caramelisation. That’s where you get the ‘bark’ which is always the best bit! If you’re ever getting brisket you want to grab some burnt ends too. They’re the bit that is cut off to get those awesome slices of brisket, but it’s actually one of the best bits. You’ll thank us when you try it!


The one thing that we took out of this is that once again the food here is all about keeping it simple and doing it well. The sauce is just a blend of vinegars and sugar, and it works. The trick is taking your time, being patient and enjoying the process! Scott said that anyone can try this at home, even without a grill quite as epic as his. We cannot wait to have a go at replicating barbecue.


Would you ever give this a go? Or do you do it already? Let us know!





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