Warm weather is here, and with that the need to keep the kitchen cool. Sometimes, the fact that we can’t turn on our ovens feels absolutely liberating — there are so many salads to finally be enjoyed — but other times it makes it hard to figure out what to prepare for dinner. We have a solution: Toast. For supper. Seriously.

We’re not talking plain ol’ buttered toast here — though, that would be fine, too — but doctored-up, toasted bread that’s been topped with delicious ingredients like buttered mushrooms, caramelized onions and melted cheese. These toast recipes are hearty without being heavy, and filling without the need to turn on the stove. Folks, these 13 recipes are the best way to stay deliciously fed during the dog days of summer ahead.

from Taste – The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1E91tEr